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Kamalnayan Netralaya gives importance to Patient Expectations, those aspects of care most appropriately identified by the patient. Here is the list of procedures and services.

  • • Air Conditioned work stations.
  • • Three tier examination system.
  • • Station I.
    • Auto refractometer
    • Non Contact Tonometer
    • Auto Lensmeter.
  • • Station II
    • Refraction by qualified and experienced optometrists.
  • • Station III : Consultant:
    • Slit Lamp examination
    • 90D fundus examination
    • Applanation Tonometer
    • Gonioscopy
    • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.
    • Pachymetry.
    • A scan biometry.
    • Keratometry.
    • Counselling.
    • Humphery Automated Perimeter.
    • OCT Disc and RNFL. ( Courtesy Hitech Vision).
    • Disc Photography
    • Anterior segment OCT.
    • Applanation Tonometry
    • Pachymetry
    • Gonioscopy.
    • Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening (ROP) (DR. Aakash)
    • Uvea (DR. Aakash)
    • Neuro ophthalmology (DR. Aakash)
    • Comprehensive Retina Exam (DR. Aakash)
    • 90 D retina evaluation
    • Colour Fundus Photography
    • Fundus Fluorescin angiography.
    • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
    • OCT Macula ( courtesy Hitech Vision)
    • Visiting Consultant for Medical Retina.
    • Detailed S/L exam ( Topcon, Japan).
    • Anterior segment imaging.
    • Pachymetry.
  • • Basic Oculoplasty.
    • Entropion / ectropion
    • Lid repairs
    • Lid cysts
    • Chalazion
    • Enucleation / Evisceration.
  • • Ocular Surface
    • Pterygium excision with Auto graft ( without stitch)
    • Tissue adhesive for perforations.
    • Corneal repairs.
    • Topical Micro incision Phaco
    • Sutureless Manual Cataract Surgery.
    • SF IOL
    • Premium cataract surgeory by Dr. Naveen Kr. Jha. (Toric, Edoff, Trifocal)
  • • Glaucoma surgery.
  • • DCR ( Sac Surgery) by visiting consultant.
  • • Retina
    • Intra vitreal injections by visiting consultant.

In general we do not encourage “free camps” which are synonymous with “compromised quality”. Hence we do not partake in any govt. funded schemes of free service.However after the death of Dr Rajan Anand’s grandfather, KAMALDEO NARAYAN SINHA” who was the motivation for this clinic, We started a free eye surgery service from his first death anniversary in 2003. There is no publicity or miking for the same. No aids are taken from anyone. Govt. or private. It is purely a TRIBUTE to the great soul.In the first year we did 18 cases of cataract with suture less technique with IOL implantation. Gradually by word of mouth more and more patients starting coming. The medical procedure and expenses are taken care of by Kamalnayan Netralaya, while accommodation, food and other facilities are taken care of by Kamaldeo Babu’s family. With increasing number younger colleagues from this city share the surgical workload Kamalnayan Netralaya also provides free eye care to inhabitants of village Bambaiya Harlal of Samastipur district, The village being paternal ancestral village of Dr Rajan Anand.

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  • Kamalnayan Netralaya NH31, Madhopara, Purnea, Bihar 854301
  • +91 9934677946
  • knpurnea@gmail.com

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Kamalnayan Netralaya came into existence on the 9th of September 1995, at a rented premises of 400 sq ft. Since its inception it has been the flag bearer eye clinic of this region…Of the many FIRSTS credited to this clinic

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